Flexible Hosted Content Management.

Not making enough sales?

Not generating enough enquirers?

Concerned about security?

Worried you've been hacked but are not aware of it!

Has Google banned you after a hack attack or security compromise?

Can't update your website yourself?

Are complex Website Management systems causing you headaches?

Paying a Web Designer to do updates for you?

Our easy to use Content Management System takes the hassle out of managing the most critical components of your Business Online ... content, relationship building, security, integrity and revenue building. Our systems include easy to operate 'front facing' management systems so you can edit your site while looking right at it rather than from a back end control panel.

Peacock Digital gives you complete control over your site's content be it adding or deleting pages, images, video, or any and all content on your web page. You can also easily add or delete products or services, put them on special or sale, or set up wholesale / reseller pricing accessible only by authorized users.

Our Business Management Systems are suitably priced for your needs.

Custom Design and Development

Peacock Digital involves clients in the creative process from concept to completion.

We follow an easy 7 step development process:
  1. Strategy and discovery.
  2. Design development.
  3. Coding.
  4. Content integration.
  5. Site Implementation.
  6. Initial SEO.
  7. Ongoing SEO and Marketing
Here are SOME of the projects we have been involved in: