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Our heritage is care management.

The Problems We Solve!

We understand the real-life challenges of the government, providers, care workers and their need to successfully administer this growing and complex industry. We are particularly attuned to the needs of our clients and their desire to be well-connected, understood, and effectively manage their organizations. Decades of expertise in relevant technology have made us the ideal company to bring all of these critical aspects together in our regularly evolving management and client engagement tools. Clients, providers, support workers, government all need to be happy.

The MetCare Solution

The MetCare management software solution is a 'whole of care' administration application. It's a tool that allows the service provider to engage easily with the government, clients, support workers, and other relevant stakeholders thereby minimizing your organization's dependency on multiple software applications. By minimizing the number of applications, thereby operator and user hours, we are the envy of many companies. Our role is to take the technological headache away from you and give the provider the opportunity to focus on delivery, not keystrokes!


Making the solution yours is important. Add logos and other color schemes to your web interface and invoicing. We can personalize and maintain your branding. Different users can have different ways of interacting with the technology.


The MetCare solution can be applied to many care program types. There are no additional capabilities to be built in. A provider can add or create new services at any time and set up all functionality and logic related to that service. No need for development or waiting. This gives the provider the ability to evolve into other areas of care management and grow its delivery profile.


Part of MetCare’s many unique advantages lay in its ability to pull and display relevant data to form comprehensive work assignments for users, clients, providers, brokers, administrators, support workers, and government stakeholders. These work assignments render in an intuitive display providing an easy to interact exchange for any or all of these stakeholders.

  • Some Modules/Features:

  • Clients

  • Service Providers

  • Services & Resources

  • Human Resources

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Marketing

  • Password Manager

  • Invoicing

  • Email & SMS Notifications

Our Apps are ready to go, ready to market, ready to use, and ready to populate!

We can have you up and running in as little as a week!.

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